Remember that your session is going to be FUN! Natural smiles come when kids are enjoying themselves...and that means parents, too! When prepping kids for their session remind them of this, and be excited with them! 

Dress for Success!

When planning your outfits for your session, remember that solid colors for shirts typically look best. Shirts with large logos should be avoided, along with bold stripes. Color coordination is important as well (if you're looking for ideas for outfit colors Pinterest is a great place to start!) 

Snack time!

Don't forget to pack a little snack and drink as sometimes kids need a little distractor (or motivator!)

Special Items!

You are more than welcome to bring props, blankets, little chairs, or sentimental items along! I love to be creative, but often times the most precious moments are caught in that 1/100th shutter click by the child just simply being who they are!



When booking your newborn session, it is preferable that baby is under 10 days old. (This is the age that newborns sleep best, and are still flexible/moldable!) This does not mean that a newborn session can't be done once they are over 10 days old, it simply goes much smoother when they are under that 10 day mark. 

Plan for approximately 3 hours of shooting time. We want you to feel relaxed, as this helps baby to feel relaxed as well! When parents are anxious or feel they are on a time limit, babies tend to feel that anxious energy and have a harder time falling asleep, eating, and settling. 

Big Brother, Big Sister!

We love to have siblings available, to capture your newest, with your older children! Typically, sibling shots are captured at the beginning of the session. We do recommend that another adult be available to take children after sibling shots are taken, as newborn sessions can be lengthy for children to remain quiet (and cooperative!) while we work with the newborn. 

In good hands!

We want all of our clients to feel comfortable during their session. I (Sarah) am a labor and delivery RN at St. Mary's Detroit Lakes, and also have 3 little ones of my own. I have shot numerous newborn sessions, and want my clients to know that I am experienced with babies! While shooting, I always maintain safe practices with posing, and utilize a parent as a spotter for the newborn when needed. 

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